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Modjy to be distributed with jython.

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I’m delighted to announce that, modjy, our jython WSGI gateway for Java Servlets, was checked into the jython source repository today, and will be distributed with jython from today forth.

For those not familiar with it, python (and thus jython) has a Batteries Included philosophy, which generally means that you can use it straight out of the box to do what you need; python and jython come with a huge variety of modules to do everything from all popular network protocols to numeric and maths processing to all kinds of databases to crytography to markup processing.

The jython 2.5 distribution already contains a pure python WSGI server, WSGIRef, written by the principal designer of WSGI, Philip J. Eby. There are also lots of other WSGI servers out there, most of which will run on jython, so jython users are not limited to using modjy.

But modjy is unique in one respect. The great attraction of jython is that it allows the user to script the amazing Java Virtual Machine with python, which makes it much easier to deploy python applications inside the incredible range of servers available for java. Modjy’s unique selling point is that it allows the user to deploy python WSGI applications, such as Django, inside java servlet containers.

There will still be a modjy presence on xhaus.com’s website. We’ll continue to host information about modjy, jython, WSGI and J2EE in general on a new modjy.xhaus.com subdomain. Soon, we’ll be hosting a wiki, and possibly some forums, at that domain.

So, it’s onwards and upwards for jython; we’re delighted to continue contributing to jython, and to open source in general.

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October 31st, 2008 at 5:00 pm

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