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Jython runs on Google AppEngine!

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It is now possible to run Jython on Google AppEngine!

If you’re not yet aware of it, Google AppEngine is one of the foremost Cloud Computing offerings currently available. It is also arguably one of the purest options available, since it truly removes the need for the application administrator to consider physical resources (apart from paying for them that is!). The Google AppEngine cloud will automatically scale up the resources as and when required.

This is in contrast to the Amazon EC2 offering, where the application architect has to specially design the application to distribute over the Amazon cloud, including allocating and de-allocating machine instances dynamically.

Yesterday, Google annnounced that they are providing Java on their AppEngine!

And because they’re supporting java, they also get automatic support for other languages that run on the JVM, with jython 2.2 and jython 2.5 being explicitly supported on AppEngine!

This is fantastic news!

The jython team are currently ramping up for a jython 2.5 Release Candidate, which should appear very soon. It’s very likely that we’ll get the Google patches included in jython 2.5 before then.

Discussions are ongoing how about applying the patch, and the issue of contributor agreements.

Watch this space!

Written by alan.kennedy

April 8th, 2009 at 1:05 pm