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Transforming with XSLT on Google AppEngine and jython.

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I’m writing this post in response to a challenge. I wrote a post entitled Jython on Google AppEngine: Why bother?, which was a reply to a statement made by a Google engineer about not seeing the point of running jython on AppEngine. And a similar statement was repeated in a comment on that blog post (i.e. “the gist of what I intended to say was that while it was possible to run Jython on App Engine, I couldn’t think why you’d want to.”)

So rather than get into a back-and-forth of yes-it-is-no-it-isnt-yes-it-is, I thought I’d reply with some simple code that demonstrates something that cannot (currently) be done in cpython on AppEngine, but is easy with jython on AppEngine: XSLT transforms.

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Written by alan.kennedy

December 1st, 2009 at 6:42 pm